Are you looking for a new WMS for your warehouse or distribution center? WMS expert Jeroen van den Berg designed the online WMS comparator that creates a shortlist of suitable WMS packages for you. He will discuss the results with you by telephone and will bring you in contact with a maximum of 5 WMS vendors. In addition, anyone who is actually looking for a WMS will receive his book Highly Competitive Warehouse Management free of charge. Click Start and begin your online WMS selection.



Who we are?

wms-software.eu is an initiative of consulting firm Jeroen van den Berg Consulting. Jeroen van den Berg has been active since 1997 as an independent WMS expert. As a consultant, he supervised over a hundred WMS selections for companies in the Benelux. In 2018 he started wms-software.eu, an initiative to simplify WMS selections. Based on his experience, he has brought together the most important selection criteria in an online selection tool. The tool provides a tailor-made shortlist and users receive tips and advice via a telephone consultation.

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