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Looking for a warehouse management system?

Which WMS packages fit best for your warehouse? Independent consultant Jeroen van den Berg has developed an online selection tool based on two decades of WMS experience. Do WMS providers have experience in your industry? Do they use modern technology? Do they have an experienced team? Simply choose the selection criteria that are important to you and our online WMS tool compiles a tailor-made shortlist for you completely free of charge.

Subsequently, our consultant contacts you to discuss the results by phone and to answer your questions about the selection and implementation of WMS. After the interview you will also receive the book Highly Competitive Warehouse Management for free, only if you are actually looking for a WMS. Finally, we bring you into contact with a maximum of 5 WMS vendors with whom you can freely exchange ideas about the possibilities of their packages.

The services of wms-software.eu are entirely free:


Who we are?

wms-software.eu is an initiative of consulting firm Jeroen van den Berg Consulting. Jeroen van den Berg has been active since 1997 as an independent WMS expert. As a consultant, he supervised many WMS selections for companies in the Benelux. In 2018 he started wms-software.eu, a new initiative to simplify the selection of WMS. Based on his experience, he has brought together the most important selection criteria in an online selection tool. The tool provides a tailor-made shortlist and users receive tips and advice via a telephone consultation.

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