Order Management System

Storelink OMS orchestrates the processing of orders from one or multiple sales channels in distribution networks. You can use Storelink OMS as an individual module or in combination with other modules in the Storelink cloud suite.

IT architecture


Storelink OMS acts as the backbone of your IT architecture that handles the communication between your IT systems and those of third parties in an intelligent manner. All information on products, inventories and orders becomes centrally available in Storelink OMS. The social media structure Storelink OMS allows you to easily share this information with stakeholders. Obviously, our cloud software is accessible anywhere and anytime via the Internet or mobile apps on tablets or smartphones.


Storelink OMS offers configurable business rules that provide automatic control of the supply chain. Storelink OMS answers the following questions:

  • Stocking: Where should stocks be stored?
  • Sourcing: Where should the requested goods come from?
  • Promising: How quickly orders can be delivered and at what rate?
  • Routing: What is the most appropriate route / carrier?

Storelink OMS provides central control over inventories and the distribution network in your supply chain. This limits lost sales since inventories from other facilities or other businesses can be addressed. Furthermore, a smart control over your deliveries ensures a better utilization of your distribution network. Storelink OMS allows you to capture and track service fees (billing) and service level agreements (SLAs).

Plenty of Opportunities

Storelink OMS provides ample opportunities for contemporary applications:

  • Endless Aisles: Avoid lost sales by making available inventories inside and outside your company to all sales channels.
  • One-stop-shop: Expand your assortment in a virtual manner with products which you normally do not keep in stock.
  • Control tower: Orchestrate your transports in an integrated distribution network for a better capacity utilization and predictable delivery times.
  • Inventory pooling: Let companies in your network benefit from your and each others inventories.
  • Drop-shipping: Deliver on behalf of your customers directly to end customers.
Functions and Features

Storelink OMS offers the following functions and features:

  • Connectivity
    Connect information systems of yourself and others via interfaces or web services.
  • Visibility
    Centralize your logistical information in Storelink OMS and easily share it with others using the unique Storelink social media structure.
  • Workflow
    Define a dynamic workflow for processing orders that considers stock utilization and logistics efficiency.
  • Business rules
    Use customizable business rules for automatically directing your logistics processes.
  • Non-invasive
    Add Storelink OMS to your IT architecture without changing existing systems. Storelink OMS preferably re-uses your existing interfaces by enriching them.